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"Mellow Yellow"

Rici Gatti
Rici Gatti
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Colors have an affect on us mentally, psychally, and emotionally. My project will include research on Albert Munsell and the Munsell Color System. I will create an all inclusive artist hub called “Mellow Yellow” using Munsell’s theories and color methodology. This space will prove colors in any space can enhance creative inspiration. I will use warm and cool colors to counteract and lift the moods of the creators inside. Yellow, Orange and Green will stand as my primary color choices. Blue and Purple will stand as my secondary color choices. These specific colors have been proven to calm, inspire, and motivate. I will use my design knowledge to sketch, render, and build a prototype of “Mellow Yellow.” The motive behind my project is to spark creativity within myself and others, and to show the great effect color has on our creative lives.


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Rici Gatti is an artist and designer from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. She is currently pursuing a BFA with a major in Interior Design and a minor in Studio Art. Since at Salem, she has worked as the design assistant for three local design businesses and a nationally known art gallery. Rici describes her design style as “Colorfully Eccentric Modern.” She gains inspiration from the colors and environment that surround her. Her outside interests include; horticulture, painting, interior home renovations, and her Pitbull Terrier mix Blanca. Post graduation, she plans to continue gaining experience and knowledge in the art and design worlds, in order to eventually own her own company.


I love your palette choices! Very clever, and very welcoming. Well done!

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