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The Rise of the NPO in Japan: Philosophies on Philanthropy from Across the Globe

Cailey Neuschaefer
Cailey Neuschaefer
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Nonprofit organizations have spread across and between all nations as the world turns increasing attention to systemic and global change. However, the lens provided on best practices and strategies in the United States often neglects global perspectives and culture. This study examines the nonprofit sector in Japan in order to broaden understanding on how government, society, and philosophy shape nonprofits on the other side of the world. By analyzing Japanese laws, regulations, studies, and nonprofit advocacy, this study will outline the history and function of NPOs in Japan. Careful focus will be granted as to how Eastern values inform nonprofit culture and practices, including fundraising and volunteerism. The goal of this analysis is to add a new perspective to Eurocentric nonprofit dialogue, particularly referencing the unique style of Japanese youth-based advocacy that can provide inspiration for grassroots organizations. This study will also create a framework for Western nonprofit professionals navigating international relationships, as such relationships are most effective when paired with intercultural intelligence and understanding.

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Cailey Neuschaefer is a North Carolina native and senior at Salem College, pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Nonprofit Management with a double concentration in Arts Administration and Fundraising & Resource Development, as well as a minor in Business Administration. Over the course of two years, Cailey discovered her love for fundraising by working with the Executive Director of Bookmarks, a literary arts nonprofit. She was responsible for planning Bookmarks’ fundraisers, managing volunteers, and drafting grants, which contributed to the organization’s dramatic increase in fundraising revenue. Cailey has also assisted other local nonprofits with branding and strategic communications work, including the Arts Council of Winston-Salem & Forsyth County; Forsyth Humane Society; and GreeNest. Post graduation, she hopes to stay in Winston-Salem and continue to provide fundraising expertise within the local nonprofit sector.


What led you to focus your research on Japan? Was it the culture, history, or economics that captured your attention.

I hope to be able to attend your Q&A so I can ask in person!

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