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The Art of deSign

Angela Roney
Angela Marie Roney
Faculty Advisor(s)

“The future is entrusted to evolution; legacy must be built upon to ensure longevity and sustainability.”

While attending Salem College, and graduation drawing near, I had a strong desire to give something back. I wanted to make a difference, add to the Art Department and support the college into the future. I also saw a disconnect between the art students and their space. They didn’t participate in the work needed to put on an exhibit or the graphic design needs of the college. We were also lacking in current technologies that represent the new forms for graphic branding and communication. I created, “The Art of deSign,” a non-profit print resource that will provide education and experience in large format printing, through design services and the production of signs, exhibits and displays. The services will be provided to the college, (which is currently outsourcing their needs) and the general public. Proceeds will support operations of the shop, acquisition of future innovation in the field of graphic design and support Salem College financially.

I envision providing cost savings, financial support and the value of contribution. Seeing banners/signs they created and participating in installations for future exhibits will give them the advantage of positive self-knowing, awareness and confidence.

My proposal to meet my requirements for my major of Graphic Design includes the shop’s branding, design of a website and showing the conversion of the workspace into a professional workshop showcasing the brand and the possibilities of the shop.


Angela Roney is a Fleer Student who decided later in life that her meddle was yet unproven. Returning to college helped her realize self-validation while reigniting her love of learning and Graphic Design as an important means of communication. The opportunity through the curriculum to re-embrace her artistic ability was exciting and comforting- “like a familiar door being opened and welcoming one home”.


Angie, this is an excellent project idea to put your talents to work. I can't wait to see your poster!


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