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An Intersectional Investigation of the American Identity

Autumn Eldridge
Autumn Eldridge
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In my senior research project, I analyze Thornton Wilder's narrators in his novels The Cabala (1926) and Theophilus North (1973). Because these two novels mark the beginning and the end of Wilder's literary career, there is a lot to be explored about how his narrative style changed. Applying intersectional perspective, my goal is to connect the dots between how and why the two narrators are similar and yet different and what makes them unique.  


Autumn Eldridge is a 22 year old English major who focuses primarily on literary criticism and analysis. Working as a freelance editor and with Salem College Writing Center, she spends most of her time reading, analyzing, and comparing texts ranging anywhere from pre-colonial exploration narratives to modern fiction. This interest in literary analysis is what guided her through her senior project, which focuses on Thornton Wilder's first and last published novels.