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I have been crafting a novel manuscript during my four years here at Salem College and am looking forward to its publication later this year. As an independent study for my last year here, I have been finalizing my novel, Raven. I will be presenting an excerpt of this novel which is an exciting young adult/new adult story about friendship, family, and the supernatural world. This supernatural thriller follows three childhood friends, Raven, Cade, and Dean, as they tempt dark forces with their fictitious ghost hunting show. Slowly, the trio discovers these dark forces are very real and very dangerous after a fatal investigation. The three friends then find themselves on the run from terrifying creatures questioning their supernatural beliefs. This writing sample takes place towards the end of the novel when the three friends are trying to figure out their next move with their new mysterious friend, Angel.   


Bailey is an out of state student from New Jersey who is passionate about the writing world. She is a creative writing major here at Salem College with minors in English, Communications, Professional Writing, and Health Humanities. Bailey is also on the board of Mortar Board, Open Up, and Incunabula.