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Suspending Belief

Alyssa-Marie Consentino
Alyssa-Marie Cosentino
Faculty Adviser(s)

This piece is an excerpt from a longer work entitled “Suspending Belief,” in which sixteen year-old Artie McDaniel and her friends are thrusted into the world of the supernatural when her younger brother is kidnapped by a ghost and Artie is the only witness. Facing contempt from her parents as well as the police, Artie and Co. take it upon themselves to solve the mystery alone but end up in the middle of something much bigger than they could have imagined. This excerpt specifically is from the prologue of the story, essentially putting the events of the story into motion. The plotline and characters for this story have been in my head for over two years and through my Creative Writing major, the classes have helped me bring this idea to life in a way I would have never thought possible.   


Alyssa Cosentino is a fifth-year senior from Las Vegas, NV. Her majors are Creative Writing and Religious Studies. Her minors are in Sociology and Women’s Studies.