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Analyzing the Availability, Limitations, and Future Directions of Female Athlete Nutrition

Kylie Clark
Kylie Clark
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There are many different components of an athlete that play a key role in their performance, no matter their sport. These can include factors such as skill level and an overall understanding of their respective sport. One of the most often overlooked components of athletic performance is nutrition. The common mantra of “food is fuel” is widely shared and articulated, especially to athletic populations. However, when research is conducted and recommendations are provided, they often use male participants and cater results towards male athletes. This leads to the question, “Where is the information on female athlete nutrition recommendations?” As participation in sports grows for women, the availability of nutrition research and recommendations appear stagnant. This presentation will analyze overall availability and categorical similarities of various sources of information pertaining to female athlete nutrition. Along with availability, limitations to available research and potential future directions of the subject will be discussed.  


Kylie Clark is pursuing her Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science with a minor in coaching. While at Salem, she has been a four-year member of the soccer team and a two-year member of the swim team. Her passion for athletics also comes in the form of coaching, where she has been a swim coach for the last two years. After graduating from Salem College, she will be attending High Point University to pursue her Doctorate in Physical Therapy,