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Ending Mass Shootings

Tiffany Zhang
Professor Tiffany Zhang

Mass shootings are on the rise in America. Arguments from media authors and policy makers often focus on lacking gun control or mental illness to explain this crime. A recent mathematical analysis on weapons availability and frequency of mass shootings suggests the solution is not as dependent on gun controls as society previously assumed. This presentation discusses new solutions to address mass shootings quickly and systemically. 


Professor Tiffany Zhang became part of the Salem community in 2019 after five unsatisfying years working in non-academic jobs. She was delighted to receive the opportunity to be a part of the learning process for other students after her perspective changed considerably during her own sociology and criminology education. The day Tiffany realized the content she studied in class could be used to make effectual change in society is the day her life changed. Tiffany’s personal journey in criminology gave her the opportunity to present research to Congress, the Department of Justice, The American Society of Criminology, and the State Assembly in Raleigh. As an instructor, her goal is to inspire everyone to use facts from class to make society better. 


Do you have a bill ready to go for penalty for leaving weapons near kids?

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