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Investigating the Impact of Value Affirmations on Student Performance and Self-Affirmation

Gregoria Arreola-Meza
Gregoria Arreola-Meza
Faculty Adviser(s)

In past studies, value affirmations have been the most common procedure used in self-affirmation research tied to education. Applying values in education has contributed to improved resilience against stereotype threats, reduced achievement gaps, enhanced self-integrity and self-esteem, and better GPA scores and performance. However, the attention placed on this research could be more extensive. With an increasing number of students completing their education, it was essential to investigate the resources/interventions that enhance student success. The study added to previous findings of value-affirmation interventions on students' self-affirmation and performance through a single exposure. Sixteen participants participated in a three-part experiment; one group received a values affirmative exercise and another a non-values affirmative exercise. Followed by the administration of a standardized exam and a self-report scale questionnaire, statistical analyses found no significant impacts of value affirmations on student performance and self-affirmation. Based on these results, a single exposure to affirming values may be ineffective for improving students’ self-affirmation against academic threats. The study concludes by discussing limitations and suggestions for further research. 


Gregoria Arreola-Meza is a senior pursuing a BA in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Studies. She has dedicated her studies and service to advocacy and representation throughout her time at Salem. Gregoria hopes to continue advocating for educational needs after graduation and begin working towards a Master’s degree in School Counseling.


Yay, Gregoria! I'm so happy to see that there'll be some statistics on screen tomorrow! You'll be great!

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