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Antioxidant Capacity of Almond Milk Flavored with Chocolate Syrup and Chocolate Powder


Diets rich in antioxidants are beneficial in reducing the risks of various health conditions caused by oxidative stress. This pilot study aimed to assess the antioxidant capacity of almond milk after being mixed with Hershey's® Simply 5 genuine chocolate syrup and Nesquik powder. Chocolate is known to have antioxidant properties due to flavonoid content. We hypothesized that adding chocolate would increase almond milk's antioxidant capacity. The antioxidant capacity of Blue Diamond® Almond Breeze Unsweetened Original almond milk was spectrophotometrically tested by collecting absorbance data before and after being combined with Hershey's® Simply 5 genuine chocolate syrup and Nesquik® chocolate powder. As the observed absorbance decreases, antioxidant activity increases. The decrease in absorbance after 15 minutes was 19.3% for the plain milk, 45.3% when chocolate powder was added, and 73.4% when the chocolate syrup was added. Our findings indicate that incorporating Hershey's® Simply 5 chocolate syrup into almond milk led to the greatest reduction in absorbance and therefore the highest antioxidant capacity. Overall, these data suggest that adding chocolate to almond milk can increase its antioxidant capacity. Despite chocolate syrups and powders having added sugar, when consumed in moderation, the potential benefits obtained from antioxidants may outweigh the adverse effects of the sugar.


Lacy Wood is a 2024 graduating senior. She is a double major in Chemistry and Teaching, Schools, and Society with a minor in Nutrition. While at Salem College, she worked as a chemistry tutor and a lab intern for the chemistry department. In the summer of 2023 she participated in a National Science Foundation internship at Wake Forest University. Aside from academics, she enjoys dancing and is the president of the Salem College Dance Company. Lacy plans on going to graduate school for chemistry.