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As a Mexican-American, how can I support Hispanics in learning English amidst their work and family responsibilities? Recognizing the challenges, particularly for adults, I intend to establish a community ESL (English as a Second Language) center. English literacy levels of this group are limited by a lack of empirical data regarding variables that affect Hispanics’ participation in educational programs. Such variables may include lack of time, taking care of the family, low self-confidence, lack of transportation, etc. (Hayes, 1989). As for children, ESL teachers struggle with the realities of students who need to learn the language quickly and to be included in school cultures and classes (Hayes, 1989). My goal is to develop a brand for this community ESL center that prioritizes both Hispanic adults and children. The project focuses on effective teaching methods, a welcoming environment, and virtual learning options. Through a branding campaign that incorporates calming colors and a friendly logo, I aim to boost confidence and courage for both Hispanic adults and children in their English language journey.


Karla Maydel Chávez is originally from Dobson, NC. She gained an interest in art at a very young age and decided to pursue realism in middle school after experimenting with graphite and its values. Additionally, she took college-leveled art classes at a local early college that helped her further develop her skills as well as constantly making art in her free time. With this said, she decided to take initiative for this career and attended Salem College for additional studies. She is now working on completing her portfolio using discovery of a variety of mediums.