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Building a World Within a Novel

Magic Book
Peryton Reese
Faculty Advisor(s)

This independent study was a creative writing project that spanned two semesters (Fall 2022 - Spring 2023) about world building in different formats. During the first semester, I focused on research and creating a demo for an interactive novel that is a prequel to the traditional novel that I focused on for the second semester. When starting this project, and the world itself, I chose a few aspects to highlight: linguistics, traditions, environment, and society. I wanted Eudari to feel like it was a multicultural world with a rich history, which is why the interactive novel was set in the ancient past - this would then inform the present. For this presentation, I am looking specifically at what went into building a believable, realistic world within a fantasy/sci-fi setting. I will mention the novels and how they were informed by the more technical lore creation, but the latter will be the focus.


Peryton Reese is a fourth year student majoring in Creative Writing and Health Humanities. They often explore identity, authenticity, and world building in their work. Back at home in Cary, NC, they have a corgi (and frenemy) named Badger.