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The Color Collective

Priscila Perez
Priscila Perez
Faculty Advisor(s)

Art tells stories and spreads messages all around the world. It can unite and bring together different cultures, whether this be through song and dance or a striking visual scene. Having a piece of work recognized by an artist can be one of the best and most rewarding experiences. However, not everybody has the space or is welcomed to exhibit their artwork. Therefore, The Color Collective was born. This virtual space and gallery was created to help the underrepresented people in the art world. Specifically, people of color in the art world. Artists who identify as people of color or POC are heavily overlooked and ignored in the art world. There are few spaces where people of color can gather freely and comfortably. Therefore, I wanted to create this virtual gallery to give them this space to show the art world that they exist and are here to stay. Creating a comfortable and welcoming space for this community is the main goal to acknowledge their rejection in art society. Being able to tap into culture and background by having a virtual gallery to showcase all their work will aid people of color in gaining recognition and making the art world see them. The Color Collective will be a welcoming and safe space for all who identify as people of color, or POC, artists.



Priscila Perez is from Winston-Salem, NC and transferred to Salem College her junior year to pursue a bachelor's degree in graphic design. She had previously attained her Associate of Arts degree from Forsyth Technical Community College. After graduation, Priscila plans to pursue a career in graphic design, preferably in the advertising or publishing field.