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“Dying, is an art, like anything else": Exploration of Confessional Poetry


Confessional poetry challenges traditional notions of self-expression by delving into personal and often taboo subjects that were not typically addressed in poetry before. It goes beyond superficial and conventional ideas of the self and explores the complexities, struggles, and vulnerabilities of the human experience. By doing so, it breaks the barriers of societal norms and expectations, offering a more authentic and honest depiction of the inner world. Confessional poets may exaggerate certain aspects, use symbolism, or alter the narrative structure to serve the overall artistic vision. However, they also strive to maintain a sense of emotional truth and sincerity in their work, ensuring that it still resonates with readers on a deep and relatable level. In this project, I crafted a selection of confessional poems by utilizing techniques, themes, and stylistic choices influenced by my research into confessional poetry by Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton.


Shania Allen is from Gaston, North Carolina. Shania double majors in English and Writing Studies (concentration in Creative Writing) and Health Humanities.