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The Eye of Opportunity

Luz Martinez
Luz B. Martinez Cruz
Faculty Advisor(s)

What are the limitations that exist for art integration in public school systems within economically marginalized groups and how do we find accessible solutions? Exploring constraints on art integration in economically marginalized public school systems and seeking accessible solutions is crucial. Public Middle School 223, located in one of New York's lowest-income districts, witnessed improved test scores and reduced absenteeism after a four-year arts integration program (Teach Kids & Learn). To address limitations in such communities, this project aims to identify and discuss restrictions by interviewing arts and education experts. These interviews will be compiled into a documentary, emphasizing the significance of art integration. Raising awareness further involves a well-designed marketing strategy, featuring movie posters, stickers, flyers, DVDs, and logos. The project's overarching goal is to spotlight the importance of art integration in economically disadvantaged communities, fostering a dialogue with local community members.


Luz B. Martinez Cruz, from Winston-Salem, NC, is a transfer student from Forsyth Tech and entered as a junior at Salem College. She is a Design major (concentration in Graphic Design), an intern at the Chair Library, and a student-worker in the Admissions Department. Luz’s design inspirations derive from her ancestry and Aztec Gods such as Xolotl, Xuchipilli, and Quetzalcoatl or other mythological creatures.