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The Giant Paint Brush Project

Alan Shelton
J. Alan Shelton
Faculty Advisor(s)

The Giant Paint Brush Project provides a unique way for people to create a work of art and will become an attraction of ClearWater Arts Center and Studios in Concord, NC. This will allow guests to create art using a novel technique without the burden of a ‘right way’ or ‘wrong way’ and enable people to explore their own creative power. The result is an immersive art experience designed to remove barriers that prevent some people from creating a work of art. Fine motor skills are not necessary, and body motions can easily be incorporated into the painting process, allowing for new opportunities for inclusion in the arts. ClearWater Arts is a perfect venue in which to debut The Giant Paint Brush Project and regularly creates exciting opportunities for the Concord and Cabarrus County community to immerse themselves in art.


J. Alan Shelton is a Fleer student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Design (concentration in Interior Design). Alan is the founder of Mixxer Community Makerspace in Winston-Salem, NC. Alan's academic pursuits and his role at Mixxer focus on empowering individuals to bring their creative visions to life. Alan's work involves connecting creative people with essential resources and cutting-edge tools. His work empowers individuals to overcome challenges and flourish in their pursuit of developing their unique skill sets.