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Mental Health in the Workplace

Isabel Scott
Isabel Scott
Faculty Advisor(s)

In modern-day society, businesses value deadlines and profits that take precedence over employee health. The current research focuses on mental health in the workplace. Specifically, how do work stressors impact an employee's mental health, and what changes can companies make to the work environment to improve poor mental health? This research is important because it explains how crucial it is to invest in an employee’s health and wellness. Studies show that there are serious mental health issues across the nation due to workplace stressors. Through employee perks, benefits, and prioritization, there is potential for a significant improvement in the mental health of employees on a wide scale. By researching various tools that current companies and researchers have used that inflict positive changes in mental health, the current presentation aims to make the ultimate tool pack that prioritizes workplace mental health. This tool pack aims to be utilized by companies of any size and industry. It recommends mental health training courses and apps, an array of benefits, and recognition programs, all with the employee's well-being in mind. The results of this research show that prioritization and resources put towards employee’s well-being are not only beneficial for the individual but for the business as well. By implementing a company culture that focuses on each of the mentioned components, employees will see an increase in their mental health state, as well as their motivation. On the other hand, businesses will see an increase in productivity and retention.


Isabel is a senior from Jacksonville, Florida, majoring in Business Administration and Psychological Science. Currently serving as the SGA President, Isabel loves the Salem community and all of her friends and peers. She is incredibly thankful for all of the opportunities Salem has given her and for the support she has received throughout this research from Professor Wise and close friends. After graduation, Isabel plans on being a Human Resources Associate in her home state of Florida.