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The Mountain Home Project

Emily Griffis
Emily Griffis
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Are your parents seeking to establish a retirement home with accessibility considerations for their approaching retirement age? The Mountain Home Project in Waynesville, NC is a single-story home with a basement, designed to meet ADA standards. It features grab bars, clear walkways, wheelchair-friendly five-foot turning radius, and pull-out drawers for easy access. Embracing a minimalist approach, the design incorporates nature-inspired colors and materials.

Contrary to traditional retirement homes, The Mountain Home focuses on meeting clients' unique needs while fostering a safe and sociable environment. Nestled in the mountains of Waynesville, the home utilizes design elements like large glass windows and doors opening to terraces, allowing residents to connect with nature. This home prioritizes comfort, accessibility, and safety, striving to create an inspiring living environment tailored to the preferences and requirements of its residents.


Emily Griffis is a student from Jacksonville, FL who has transferred from Florida State College at Jacksonville to Salem College. She is majoring in Design (concentration in Interior Design) and has chosen The Mountain House Project that is located in Waynesville, NC  due to it being a personal project for her parents as their retirement home. Emily's goal is to create a single-story home with a basement, designed to meet ADA standards.