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Order of The Rose

Kaitlin Norris
Kaitlin Norris
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In the modern age of tattoo artists, many women can find themselves in uncomfortable situations, as both a client and artist, but why is that? The industry itself is very uninviting for women, as male tattoo artists make up over 75% of the industry alone, and for many women, that can be a very intimidating sight. Oftentimes tattoo related content in the media and in general are still paraded as still being “unabashedly, laughably sexist, often with the pretense of being edgy.” So, what would a women-run tattoo do to help alleviate some of the problem? Meet the Order of The Rose, a parlor where creativity meets empowerment. Our goal is to create a sanctuary for both women and artistic expression, increasing a sense of community and empowerment among women while offering privacy and comfort through other women. The space itself will feature a punk aesthetic while still retaining some femininity, dark colors and harsh brick against the wall, with flowers and skulls aplenty. Radiating both femininity, punk styles and morbid art, women are encouraged to overcome any fears they may have, empowering them to embrace their individuality confidently, and to create a hub for creativity and solidarity.


The name is Kaiti Norris. She is majoring in Design (concentration in Interior Design) and has moved to Winston-Salem to attend Salem College after living in the small town of Dunn, NC. For her senior project, she has chosen the Order of the Rose, a tattoo parlor meant for women, run by women. She chose this because of the clear imbalance in the tattoo industry that leaves many women uncomfortable going to get tattoos because of the stigma that women should remain pure, especially from tattoos. This project aims to show that tattoo parlors can be operated by anyone and is an art form that should be respected, no matter who decides to get one.