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Pieces: Parts of the Whole


“Hogar Dulce Hogar,” translated to “Home sweet home,” is a series of oil paintings to demonstrate the departure of somewhere that was once called home and adjusting to a new home in a foreign land. In this context, Karla has taken the opportunity to show the journey of her parents as immigrants who seeked out a better future for their children and make an homage to appreciate the blood, sweat, and tears it took for them to restart life for the better. It describes the past and the present from their point of view and the highs and lows of their experiences, mostly focusing on the positive and nostalgic aspects. She took inspiration from the hard-working efforts her parents have always provided for her and her two sisters, no matter what situation they may have found themselves in. “Hogar Dulce Hogar '' aims to be a relatable work of art for other Latinos who have seen their parents’ sacrifices and struggles in order to strive and find a place they can call “home”.


Karla Maydel Chávez is originally from Dobson, North Carolina. She gained an interest in art at a very young age and decided to pursue realism in middle school after experimenting with graphite and its values. Additionally, she took college-leveled art classes at a local early college that helped her further develop her skills as well as constantly making art in her free time. With this said, she decided to take initiative for this career and attended Salem College for additional studies. She is now working on completing her portfolio using discovery of a variety of mediums.