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Pieces: Parts of the Whole

Jacqueline Rosales Gonzalez
Jacqueline Rosales Gonzalez
Faculty Advisor(s)

My artistic journey has been shaped by my family, and most importantly the women in my life. These influences weave a rich tapestry, informing and inspiring every piece I create. In essence, my art is a continuous dialogue between self-growth and the women around me. I invite viewers to engage with my work, to find their own interpretations, and to join me on this visual journey of exploration and introspection. My work is deeply intertwined with the women who have shaped my life, each piece is a testament to their profound influence. A dialogue between self-growth and the emotional and physical depth that is embodied by them. With each stroke of a pencil or a brush of oil paint, I am reminded of their uniqueness and the impact they carry within me. My work reflects not only my own image but theirs.


Jacqueline Rosales Gonzalez was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. She started drawing at the age of eleven and fully began taking art classes in sixth grade. She continued taking art classes and even progressed up to advanced art classes in high school, where she then decided to major in Studio Arts with a concentration in Painting at Salem College. Ever since she was young she has been open to different techniques and mediums and never opposed to trying something new when it comes down to art.