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Project Build

Madeline McIntosh
Madeline McIntosh
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Public school funding has experienced a prolonged decline, leading to the reduction of programs outside the main curriculum, particularly extracurriculars. This disproportionately affects low-income families, limiting access to activities proven to enhance students' lives and academic success. To address this issue and foster equality, the proposal "Project Build" urges community involvement through donations of time, money, and resources. This comprehensive campaign utilizes digital ads, videos, flyers, billboards, and a website, featuring a visually engaging style that strikes a balance between playfulness and maturity. The color palette, primarily blue and yellow, aims to evoke creativity, while the homemade, crafty, and photorealistic design connects with the concept of creation using everyday school items.


Maddie McIntosh, from Mooresville NC, initially earned an Associate in Science degree at her Early College, CCTL, before transferring to Salem College. She is a Design major (concentration in Graphic Design) and Studio Art minor. She had her internship at Mixxer Community Makerspace, and she hopes to continue working in makerspaces.