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The Gilyard Residence

Alaina Warner
Alaina Warner
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This project shows the aspects of interior design that are used when designing a 2,000 square foot home that is site-specific. The site provides the canvas for the design process.  The Gilyard residence is placed beside the Yadkin River as well as a pond that gives the home maximum natural lighting opportunities as well as beautiful views. The client wishes to downsize from her current home and build a new house that is one story for easy accessibility.  While downsizing the space it is important to maximize the illusion of space through colors and textures. Incorporating aspects from the old house will allow the two homes to cohesively fit together. The Gilyard residence uses modern, rustic, and farmhouse styles together. The goal is to make this space light and bright for successful working at home and calmness. The use of textures, bold colors, and earth tones gives the home a comfortable feeling. Incorporating sustainable design as well as energy efficient technology allows for long term savings as well as reduces the negative effects on the environment. Using sustainable design can also enhance the health and comfort of occupants while adding personalization. This project uncovers the problems and successes of clients and sites, creating a real-life scenario for students working in interior design.   

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Alaina Warner is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in interior design. She has worked with an interior designer and artist for the last semester to learn more about the career. While exploring interior design she has spent time volunteering at a local non-profit organization to help the community. Alaina has learned skills from these experiences that will transfer into her future career. Skills such as time management, communication, and collaboration will help her towards her goal. Along with exploring interior design as a career, she has also acquired new knowledge about graphic design. Alaina aspires to be an interior designer in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


I’m not gonna lie, every day from now on, I’m going to be upset I don’t live in that house. It’s going to be beautiful!

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