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The Merge of Religion and Imagination: Analyzing Henry Antrobus in Thornton Wilder’s The Skin of Our Teeth

Alexandrea Higginbotham
Alexandrea Higginbotham
Faculty Adviser(s)

It’s no secret that twentieth-century American playwright Thornton Wilder believed in the Christian religion, and it’s also no secret that he added many biblical references into his writings. His 1942 play, The Skin Of Our Teeth, is a prime example of how he inserts multiple biblical references into his writing, but the question to ask is this: How do Christian references influence the portrayal of characters in The Skin of Our Teeth? This question is important because the characters-- and this can be said for any play or story-- influence the way that the story progresses. By looking at specific biblical stories/characters and comparing them, I will show how the characters in this play are biblical characters reimagined and reworked.

Project Media

Alexandrea Higginbotham is a writer and designer from Hendersonville, North Carolina-- although, if you ask her, she’ll tell you that she’s from Asheville. During her time at Salem, she had the opportunity to go on many adventures, including volunteering at the local homeless shelter; serving as the Social Media Manager and Event Coordinator for Incunabula Literary Magazine; interning at multiple publishing houses where she edited and published several books, including a four-book series; earning the upper management position at a local cafe, where she learned her passion for creating brewed beverages; and where, when everything seemed overwhelming, she would take road trips in order to clear her head. Alexandrea will be graduating with an English Literature major and a minor in Creative Writing. Her goal is to become a book editor at a publishing house and maybe, one day, to open up her own coffee shop. She would like to dedicate her project to her late grandmother, who always supported Alexandrea in whatever she set out to do.