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Purple Rains: 3 Cornerstones of Belmoth

Elliott York
Elliott York
Faculty Advisor(s)

I intend to showcase three key locations from my novel concept by reading them aloud. These locations and this novel, set in a high-fantasy world called Belmoth, has been a focus of mine since my first creative writing class here, and it feels right to conclude my years here at Salem with one of the longest on-going projects I have ever made - and been proud of - before. The creative writing program has both supported me and pushed me to do my best and constantly prove and evolve my work; these excerpts have been revised since the first time I wrote them, and will show just how much Salem has helped me improve myself and my passion - not to mention the confidence that Salem college's creative writing program has gifted me over the years. This reading not only shows the evolution of my writing, but the evolution of my character as a whole.   


Elliot York (he/him) is a senior creative writing major with a minor in both professional writing and english. He is an intern at the writing center and received the Lucy Bramlette Patterson scholarship award from the creative writing department. He has consistently had a focus in fantasy and prose writing and has compiled a substantial portfolio throughout his four year journey at Salem College.