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Fatim Traore
Fatim Traore
Faculty Adviser(s)

“Bloom where you are planted.” This quote is the basis for this project, and it is where the project name comes from. This quote has lived close to my heart for a number of years and has inspired me to make do with what I have.

To go with this year’s theme of health, my goal was to figure out how as a graphic designer I could develop a relevant project related to this overall theme, more specifically, I want to focus on mental health. My initial explorations with the topic led me to journaling. As a result, I decided to design a series of journals. It has been demonstrated that journals are effective and positive tools to help improve mental health.

For my senior project I plan to develop a series of 12 journals. More importantly, I propose to create these under one single brand: Bloom. Not surprisingly I decided to choose flowers as a main theme and my plan is to design one journal for each month of the year. Each journal will feature a different flower of the month. Most of my design work will consist of illustrations that include pictorial images, graphics and/or text. Design decisions about the font, such as type, size, and color, as well as the unique style of the images will be inspired by the chosen flower. An overall style guide with a muted color palette will provide consistency to the entire series while unique and colorful design features will be specified according to each month/flower.


Fatim Traore, from Statesville NC, is a Salem College student who majors in Graphic Design. She transferred from Mitchell Community college, where she got he Associates Degree in Art before coming to Salem. She is interning with both fine-artist Elle Maldonado, where she produces content for her social media, and Salem College’s Professor Sanders, where she works as a freelance graphic designer. Fatim plans to work in the field of graphic design after graduation and ideally, she will work for a stationery brand.