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Children's Book Illustration: Connecting History to the Present

Kayana Hartsfeld
Kayana Hartsfeld
Faculty Adviser(s)

My project was to research how children’s book illustration began and how it can still inspire creators today. I will give a brief history of children’s book illustration, discuss what illustrators have inspired me and my own work. Illustrators discussed may include John Tenniel for his line work in books like Alice in Wonderland; N.C. Wyeth for his softer painting style as seen in his Robin Hood; and Randolph Caldecott for his color and line work in the nursery rhymes he illustrated for publisher Edmund Evans. 

I will talk about how these illustrators influence me in illustrating my book, working title: I’ll Hide, You Seek. The story is about a father playing hide and seek with his daughter. It shows him looking everywhere in their house for her, only to end up finding her in her own room. The point of the story is to show how simple activities, like playing hide and seek, can create a stronger bond between children and parents. A second theme is that sometimes what you are looking for isn’t always where you think it will be.


Kayana Hartsfeld is a Senior from Pleasant Garden, North Carolina majoring in Studio Art with minors in Art History and Psychology. She is a member of Salem's Art Society, has interned through the visual arts department, and assisted with visiting artists on Salem's campus. Kayana has always had many artistic outlets such as marching band, art classes, painting public murals, creative writing, and has recently participated in theater productions. She aspires to be a professional children's book illustrator after graduating in May from Salem.