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Healthcare Hospitality Homes

Mackenzie Wolfe
Mackenzie Wolfe
Faculty Adviser(s)

Healthcare Hospitality homes are a place that provides lodging to patients and their families while receiving medical treatment. Many chronically ill adults in the U.S. travel 30+ miles from their homes to seek medical attention. Traveling adds extra expenses to already costly medical bills. Hospitals may partner with local hotels or a healthcare hospitality home to discount the cost of lodging for a traveling patient. Still, patients may be staying anywhere from 3 days to 3 months depending on their treatment. Due to the gap in free, quality healthcare hospitality I plan to create the foundations of an easily accessible, recognizable, chain of healthcare hospitality homes for people over 18 years old. I will be focusing on the interior design elements of the homes and the branding of the entire chain. Similar to how a franchise creates a cohesive design for each of its locations, I will make an interior design package for the various spaces in the homes, including furniture and finishes. The design style will be a combination of traditional style and contemporary elements to make the homes feel intimate and relaxing. Each individual location will incorporate artwork and design elements from the city in which the home is located. As for the branding, I will create the name, logo, and webpage for the chain of healthcare hospitality homes.


Mackenzie Wolfe, transferred from Davidson-Davie Community College after receiving her Associate’s Degree in Arts. She is currently a senior at Salem College pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. She has interned with Continuing Care Community at Arbor Acres as the renovations intern where she helped residents transition into a new chapter of their lives. Mackenzie plans to continue exploring the design industry.


I look forward to seeing your work tomorrow, Mackenzie. It's important and shows that you are empathetic to those in need. Good work!

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