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Just Like Home

Marjorie B. Doran
Marjorie B. Doran
Faculty Adviser(s)

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, over 80 million cats and dogs lived in American households as of 2018. Over $20 billion was spent on veterinary services per household in the same period. These furry family members are often stressed when care is required, and consequently are the source of stress for their owners. A large part of this anxiety is due to the physical environment in existing pet care options. To help alleviate this stress, I will be recommending the development of a unique pet care facility called “Just Like Home” that simulates a healthy home environment of warmth, love, and attention with the rendering of each individual service. Services will include adoption, healthcare, daycare, grooming, and boarding.

I will be creating branding, marketing, and signage along with a website design for this unique concept of veterinary care that accentuates the unparalleled level of comfort and attention that will be given to animals entrusted to the devoted crew of caregivers. My color pallet will include earth tones to communicate dependability and trust, and I will accent with peaceful, soothing greens. I will utilize a simple, contemporary design in all aspects of the facility and branding which will help readability and foster quick, easy communication of the features.


Marjorie Doran, originally from the Pittsburgh, PA area, resides in Winston-Salem, NC where she worked at Hanesbrands for 35 years. Her career in the advertising and design industry lasted for over 45 years, and she held positions as a designer and eventually a creative manager. In the beginning of her career, a college degree was not a requirement, so with the commercial art training she received in PA, she began working at the age of 19. She married, had one child, and was divorced before retiring in 2017. Over the years, she considered enrolling in evening classes to attain a four-year degree but with the demands of motherhood, a house, and a 50 hour per week job, could never seem to find the time. After retiring, she finally had the time and enrolled in Salem College in the Fall semester of 2017 and is currently a senior in the Graphic Design program.