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Ride Rx: Your Prescription for Transportation

Amanda Rojo
Amanda Rojo
Faculty Adviser(s)

Non-emergency medical transportation, or NEMT, can be traced back until the late 1960’s. It was initially created so children and their families could access transportation to and from healthcare providers with ease. Over the years, the rise in chronic disease and increasing population size of geriatrics has caused a surge in medical transportation needs. This surge directly impacts the need for NEMT, which may or may not be available to the people who need it most.

In 2017, nearly 6 million people delayed or avoided seeking medical care due to lack of transportation. I will design a program that provides accessible transportation for people no matter their age or socioeconomic status. This program will better allow people to take control of their own healthcare by scheduling appointments on their time, as well as guaranteeing access to transportation to get there.

I am proposing a brand and marketing plan for a nationwide NEMT program. My project will focus on brand identity and will include deliverables such as a website and a surface-level application for the program. Additionally, I will be designing a marketing campaign focusing on low-income families/individuals. The graphics package will incorporate clean and legible fonts. They will also include illustrative features such as colors and shapes commonly seen in the medical field not limited to shades of red and blue as well as the familiar icons, such as crosses, associated with medical emergencies. The use of these elements will help clarify the identity of the program as an NEMT.


Amanda Rojo is a Fleer student at Salem College where she is pursuing her BA in Graphic Design. Amanda has completed an Internship with Salem College Athletics Department as a communications and media creator. She has also worked for the Salem College Swim Program and King Triton Aquatics as a graphics and media designer. After graduation, she plans on working in a marketing firm as a graphics designer. 


NEMT is a necessity and you are correct that people avoid needed care due to lack of convenient (and accessible) transportation. I look forward to seeing your work tomorrow!

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