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The Cure for Survival and Peace: Eliminating Gun Violence


Gun violence has become a primary issue in the United States, causing massive increases in death and fear in society. Gun violence punishment on the federal and state levels has not been effective in lowering the use of guns to help reduce the increase in injury and deaths in this society. Furthermore, with today's advanced technology, these incidents are being publicized around the globe through social media platforms. Deaths resulting from firearms are increasing, especially as regulations surrounding the right to obtain firearms are becoming more lenient and less restricted. This research serves as a view of the federal and state systems surrounding gun violence in local communities, school systems, and public health. In addition, this project will analyze past and present issues related to gun violence to assist in implementing a new framework. Firearms are essentially the lethality of crime that creates fear and increases stress and panic within society. Therefore, the research will focus on personal or recreational safety policies and purchasing firearms. The study will advocate for continued education and community awareness through special programs, events, and organization partnerships.


Sharena Conner, a Salem College and the Fleer Center program senior, is obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. She plans to complete a Master of Business Administration with a healthcare focus. Born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Sharena is passionate about caring for others in her community. She has worked in healthcare for over ten years and advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion for all ethnicities to receive high-quality healthcare services. After completing her graduate degree, Sharena plans to work in DE&I (diversity, equity, and inclusion) and become an educator at a college or university.

Ella Lettieri is a senior at Salem College and will graduate in May with a major in Communication and a minor in Professional Writing. Throughout her time at Salem, Ella has held multiple leadership positions, including Vice President of The Circle, and board positions in the Pre-Law Society and Active Minds.