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Engaging Health Leadership Through Neurodiversity at the Salem College Writing Center

Nikkola Brown
Nikkola Brown
Faculty Advisor(s)

This presentation is the result of a literature review and an IRB-approved study based on the Salem College Writing Center. It investigates the questions of “How does the experience of neurodivergence impact clients and consultants at the Writing Center and in what ways can writing centers improve this experience? The presentation will share better practices to further anti-ableist ideas within writing centers including a specific focus on tutor training and the creation of a sensory-safe place connected to the writing center. This research iterates that neurodivergence is an essential component of writing center pedagogy.


Nikkola Brown is a Creative Writing, English, and Health Humanities triple major who spends most of her time reading and writing. Born and raised in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Nikkola spent her early years working towards a goal in STEM, only to discover her true passion in the humanities. She has hopes of attending graduate school to pursue degrees in English and Creative Writing to achieve her goal of becoming a professor. Some of her research interests include trauma and neurodiversity.