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"I don't get it!": Exploring the Misconceptions of Modern Art


“Standing next to modern art I could make”: A recent social media trend has sparked controversy within the art world. Videos depicting teenagers and young adults standing next to pieces of modern art, boasting the aforementioned claim, continue the general misunderstanding of modern art. This trend raises the question, what is it about modern and postmodern art that evokes an overwhelmingly negative reaction from the public? Through researching the general public perception of modern and postmodern art as well as existing theories, I argue that the answer is rooted in a systematic resistance to change and the lack of value and investment in arts education.


Amanda Elmore is a senior from Mayodan, North Carolina, majoring in Art History with minors in Nonprofit Management and Community Leadership and Sociology. She has always had a love for history and the arts, leaving Art History to be a natural choice of study. During her time at Salem, Amanda has become increasingly involved on campus, each leadership role fueling her love for this unique institution. After graduating, Amanda hopes to work in the nonprofit sector before attending graduate school in a few years.