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"I have a body and I cannot escape from it": Understanding Mind-Body through Confessional Writing


“How does the use of personal narrative in confessional poetry contribute to the understanding of the mind-body connection in health studies?” This question is important because it digs into how sharing personal experiences, especially through a dynamic form like confessional poetry, can shed light on how our mental and emotional states can directly affect our physical health. This research question is situated within the interdisciplinary field of health humanities. The study of narrative in Health Humanities deepens our understanding of the mind-body connection and its impact on health by using personal narratives in confessional poetry. It recognizes the power of storytelling and personal experiences in shaping our perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors related to health and wellness. By exploring confessional poetry, this research aims to bridge the gap between subjective experiences and objective knowledge and foster empathy, insight, and new perspectives in health studies.


Shania Allen is from Gaston, North Carolina. Shania double majors in English and Writing Studies (concentration in Creative Writing) and Health Humanities.