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In Your Dreams

Aliyah Rice
Aliyah Rice
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What color are your dreams? A large portion of pop culture and a powerful art form, video games, are known to evoke strong emotions and insightful self-reflection through visual displays and storytelling. The discipline of graphic design plays a huge role in the development of these games. Without graphic design contributions, video games would not be as influential as they are today. This project, entitled “In Your Dreams,”  showcases graphic design aspects of a video game and the process behind its creation. Packaging, logo, posters, and character references as well as the concepts behind the production of its components will be developed in order to simulate the launching of a new video game . “In Your Dreams” will not only explore artistic aspects of design, but also aims to touch on the emotional excitement that video games draw out of their fans. 

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Aliyah Rice is graduating this year with a double major in Graphic Design and Spanish. Her senior project, “In Your Dreams,” is a graphic design project centered around her desired industry. After graduation, Aliyah plans to intern in-state, then apply to graduate school to pursue an MBA in marketing.


This topic is extremely important, especially for marginalized populations. Game designers have tended to follow the old publishing "80% rule"--if less than 80% is similar to someone else's, it's "too far out there". With more diversity in the game design industry, the stories, colors, and immersion are getting better and better. I'm glad to see that you are interested in this and wish you well in you future designing endeavors!

Submitted by Paula_Young on Tue, 04/13/2021 - 20:49 Permalink

Congratulations, Aliyah! Kudos to you for going after your dreams and inspiring others to do so, as well! 

Best wishes! 

Submitted by susanharding on Thu, 04/15/2021 - 12:16 Permalink

With these vibrant and creative themes, where did you draw your inspiration for creating the two main characters?

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