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Into the Woods

Kathryn Hennessee
Kathryn Hennessee
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This project focuses on broadening the horizons of DND (Dungeons And Dragons) and making it for kids of all ages. During the pandemic kids have been uprooted from their usual ways of socialization and typical day to day school life which is crucial for childhood development. Tabletop RPGs ( Role Playing Games) like DND can be beneficial for kids during COVID-19 by giving them a new outlet to explore and learn in the comfort of their home. They’re  an opportunity for kids to use and develop skills such as literacy, arithmetic, problem solving, memory formation, creativity and logical reasoning. While they develop these skills kids are also put in a situation of having to communicate and cooperate with others building their social skills. I want to give kids this opportunity by giving them the full experience and making an immersive, fun and digitally illustrated campaign. Going through and creating the storyline, characters, background scenery, maps, and other graphics needed to create a complete experience.

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Kathryn Hennessee is a Senior at Salem College where she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Design with a concentration in Graphic Design. She specializes in Art and Illustration, Environmental Graphics, and Publication Graphics. Kathryn is currently working on illustrating a children’s gamebook for her Senior Project.


I pulled out my old MTG cards and tried to get my son interested during last summer's shelter-in-place period. Instead, I ended up getting him interested in D&D games. We haven't tackled any table top adventures yet, but my old sets are waiting. I'm so happy to see you and your generation embracing the rich mythological and historical connections D&D has. If one pays attention, one will start to dig into the original mythology and historical references after engaging with D&D.


(For my generation, we were pretty much doomed to a life of sin and iniquity for playing D&D.)

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