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An Incredible Adventure

Layla McCarthy
Layla McCarthy
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For my senior project, I designed a concept for a new ride at Walt Disney World. It is a trackless attraction called An Incredible Adventure that takes riders on a journey through Metroville with the Incredible family (from the Disney movie The Incredibles). I researched the principles of Disney Imagineering, different ride mechanisms, ride technology, the process of designing theme park attractions, etc. and incorporated that into what I learned studying architecture and interior design at Salem. I created a concept for a storyline that the ride follows and also made concept sketches of ideas for floor plan layouts, scenery, ride vehicles, etc. My concept focuses on the story that the ride tells, the desirability and interaction between the ride and its riders and the overall experience of the ride. 

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Layla McCarthy is an architectural design student. She has always been inspired by theme park design and hopes to be a theme park designer one day. For this project, she created a design concept for a Walt Disney World ride based off of The Incredibles.



I like the ideas for the concept sketches and attraction storyline! I was wondering if there was a specific reason or reasons for why you settled on trackless for the ride system? I know Disney's Hollywood Studios just added a new Star Wars ride that is also trackless, so I was wondering if that influenced your decision. 

Also, congratulations on finishing your senior project! 

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