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The Psychology of Design: The tremendous influence on the success and sustainability of design by triggering associations

Laura Kuhn
Laura Francisco Kuhn
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The purpose of this research is to explore how logo designs can influence the consumer. Fonts, colors, and shapes characteristics linked with the non-profit sector were explored in this study. Ultimately, following six logo design principles prove effective and successful in communicating a message to their audience. With over 7.83 billion people in the world and 4.66 billion active Internet users effective design is imperative to influence the way people respond when they see your brand. Therefore, separating you from multiple nonprofits serving the same population with variant programs. First impressions matter.

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Laura Francisco Kuhn is a wife, mother of two boys, Montessori educator and Salem College Fleer senior pursuing a Bachelor’s degree with a concentration in Graphic Design. She spent the Spring semester working as a graphic design intern for international non-profit, Unity Women’s Desk developing a new logo and branding package, apparel, and call to attention video. Laura hopes to work for a local publisher where she can continue to serve educators, caregivers, and parents.