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Agave Azulado y Salud: Nature on your side

Karen Romero-Mendieta
Karen Romero-Mendieta
Faculty Advisor(s)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed the world. Our homes are multi-functional: people, work, learn, play, and exercise in them. This is the new normal. With that said, many have experienced emotional, physical, and mental challenges due to this transformation. So, how can interior design help restore a sense of balance, security, and safety at home? Design can address these needs and help reestablish comfort and stability; ultimately, leading its occupants to a happier and healthier lifestyle. This project proposes the use of biophilic design principles to create an interior space of a home by bringing elements of the outdoors to an interior space. It also proposes to create a multisensorial experience for its occupants while reconnecting with nature in this case drawing inspiration from the Agave Azul ( Blue Agave), from the coarse and flat textures to the variety of blue and green shades. As well as the sharp and angular forms of the quiote (stalk) to the more organic shape of the piña (pineapple) known as the heart of the agave. Nature is on your side to heal and embrace you.


Project Poster

Karen Romero-Mendieta is from Winston Salem, NC. She is a senior at Salem College who will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Design and a concentration in Interior Design and Architectural Studies. After graduation, Karen plans to pursue a master's degree in architecture. 



After this pandemic is over, I think every family is going to be looking at ways to improve their interior spaces. Your market awaits your ideas!

(And create private, quiet spaces in really small me.)

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